Automotive Technology & Diagnostics Online Training Courses

AUscanners’ partnership with Prodiags brings a number of opportunities to the Australian automotive industry by offering Mechanics, workshops, organisations and education providers access to a number of on-demand courses in a more flexible and efficient way.

Prodiags offers web-based learning solutions for studying automotive technology. Courses are suitable for automotive professionals wanting to develop their knowledge in a specific area with (on-demand study at your own time and pace) courses. All learning modules include interactive and printable materials, assignments and a final exam with a Prodiags completion certificate. Courses cover a number of essential subjects from vehicle technology and diagnostics including Engine & Drivetrain, Chassis & Brakes and Electricity to Workshop Safety, Maintenance and Identification of Hand Tools, etc.

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Available courses

  • Workshop Safety 
  • Hybrid & Electric Vehicle Technology

Tools and Materials

  • Workshop Waste Sorting and Recycle


  • Electricity 
  • Electronics
  • Automotive Electrical Troubleshooting Basics 
  • Automotive Oscilloscope
  • Maintenance Light Vehicle Proactive Maintenance 
  • Maintenance Service 

Chassis and Brakes

  • Brake Service and Maintenance
  • Tyres, Rims and Tyre Work
  • Tyre Pressure Monitoring System

Engine and Driveline

  • Starting and Start-Stop System
  • Charging System and Starter Batteries 
  • EOBD/OBD-II Self-diagnostics
  • Common Rail Fuel System
  • Diesel Exhaust Gas Technology
  • HV Vehicle Technologies - Toyota Prius PHEV 2014 

Level Testing

  • Test your Knowledge - Diesel Vehicle Technology

Training & Education Solutions For Organisations

In addition to the technical e-learning offering, Prodiags platform allows training managers and automotive education providers to create their own managed learning environment using Prodiags LMS where teaching and training is managed by teachers / trainers and administrators. This allows you to add and manage users, roles and additional learning materials if required. You can also create groups to bundle courses based on class, business section, department or profession with easy access to monitoring and reporting tools. This makes managing large numbers of employees and students easy and efficient.

In addition, if you already have a Learning Management System with LTI standard like Moodle, then the Prodiag Gateway Add-on plugin provides an easy integration solution with Prodiags training modules to meet your needs.

As an authorised agent for Prodiags, AUscanners will work with customers in Australia to help them identify best courses or license arrangement that best suit their requirements and help them set it up. For more information on courses or how to set up your organisational training account, contact us HERE.

Recommended Courses

Workshop Safety
Workshop Safety

A car repair shop is a workspace where workers are exposed to many hazards. For this reason, a preventive focus on occupational safety is particularly useful and effectively prevents accidents. Keep in mind that every employee is responsible for their own safety and that of others. Studying challenges you to consider similar occupational safety issues in your work environment. You can find ways of working, space, or equipment that prevent accidents. You will also learn what kind of first aid you need to be prepared for. Occupational safety and its doctrines should be repeated at least every 5 years.
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The switch from theoretical knowledge of electrical engineering to practical know-how in the workshop requires a good understanding about the basic skills of troubleshooting. Utilising circuit diagrams, and being familiar with the properties and use of your own measuring equipment, such as the oscilloscope, is a basic requirement for the troubleshooting work for a mechanic. After this study you will have the skills to apply your knowledge in electrical engineering in system-specific studies, measuring technology and troubleshooting. These skills will develop the more you practice and use your measuring equipment.
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