HT25COP coil-on plug and signal probe can catch the ignition waveform of vehicle's engine easily without adding any extension cables. The ignition waveform is a window, through which we can see what happened in the engine combustion chambers. It determines whether the ignition plug needs to be replaced or clean. Does fuel injector in electronic fuel injection system wok well? Is there any problem in the leak-proof of air cylinder? Does the gap between ignition plugs get larger? Does the electrode shape of ignition plug become sharp? Is there too much oil pollution or carbon deposition on the ignition plugs? Does the insulating property of ignition plug get worse? Is there any problem in the power supply system of storage battery?

Works with any Oscilloscope including Hantek2D82 Automotive Handheld diagnostic equipment


  • To avoid injury keep the probe away from moving parts, such as the alternator drive belt and cooling fans.
  • To present electric shock do not use if the probe’s sensor plate’s insulation shows signs of damage.



Special anti-interference design, high accuracy of measurement. Ergonomic design, can be arbitrary curved. Highlight LED which is convenient to operate at night or in dark condition.
Catch the ignition waveform of the vehicle engine easily to read what is happening in the engine combustion chambers.
Can work with normal Oscilloscope including Hantek2D82 Automotive Handheld diagnostic equipment
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has a great protective carry bag ,the test lead has plenty of lengh as not to be damaged when the engine is running,the wand is easy to use in the hand held use, one little point that would sell it as a stand alone item is if it came with batteries to plug in and go .great regards andrew
26 February 2021
The Hantek HT25COP Coil-On-Plug & Signal Probe is a very convenient and affordable signal probe sensor for analyzing signals from a wide range of sources, and is very well suited to the Hantek 1008 USB oscilloscope. The design of the HT25COP allows the sensor to be placed on the signal source without any physical connection allowing rapid observation of multiple signal sources (e.g. 8 coils on your fav V8), plus the design allows hard to reach areas to be analyzed. It is also very well suited to non automotive signal sources, plus your usual garden tools like lawn mowers & chainsaws, etc. This probe is so affordable everyone could have one of these in their back pocket. AUScanners, being a local company, provide a good range of these types of diagnostic tools making it so convenient for anyone to access good tools.
28 December 2020

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