iCarsoft Scan Tools - Software Update Instructions

This article will provide guidelines and instructions to help you update the software on your iCarsoft scan tool scanner. 

  1. Visit iCarsoft.us and click on (support & updates
  2. Depending on your iCarsoft scan tool model, choose the right version to download the correct Update tool from. It is important you install the correct update tool as otherwise the system may not recognise your scan tool S/N 
  3. Install update tool onto your Windows computer. (Not available for Mac). 
  4. Insert SD card using the card reader and into the computer
  5. Run the update tool and follow the update instructions. 
  6. When complete, put SD card back into the scan tool

Update iCarsoft scanner 2nd Generation or CRPlus

Check Video below demonstrating scan tool update on a 2nd Generation iCarsoft scanner


Update iCarsoft scanner V1 or V2

If you have V1 or V2 iCarsoft scanner, check instructions below