Troubleshoot OBD2 Bluetooth & Wifi Scanner Connection

This article explains what to consider and what to do when not able to connect to your OBD2 bluetooth/ wifi scanner. Please note that this article is based on our experience working with OBD2 bluetooth/ wifi scanners and Australian automotive market and Australian customers. Some of it may not apply or might differ to some other OBD2 bluetooth wifi scanners and other markets.

Before you go through the troubleshoot please make sure you read our OBD2 Bluetooth Pairing with Smartphone article here.

The following questions need to be asked when not able to connect.

  • What is the car you are connecting to (make, model & year make)?

Australian OBD2 compatibility is different to other markets in the world. The 16 pins trapezoid shape plug (OBD2 style) does not determine whether your vehicle is OBD1 or OBD2 but your ECU does. See the Australian OBD compatibility list .

*We have seen some of the older OBD2 vehicles in Australia (pre 2007) having troubles to connect to OBD2 scanners so we do not recommend them there

  • Are there any lights flashing on the unit when connected?

If there are no light flashing and the unit was inserted to the vehicle's OBD2 port correctly the scanner can be faulty or there might be an issue with your OBD2 port. To validate try to use the OBD2 scanner on another OBD2 compatible vehicle.

  • Are you able to see OBDII in available bluetooth connections?

You should be able to see OBDII in your available bluetooth/wifi connections (depending whether your OBD2 scanner is bluetooth or wifi or both). Based on the OBD2 scanner type some might need to connect in the available connection on your device, some in your preferred app's connection settings and some in both.

*Some OBD2 scanners give error when connecting in the device's settings but you are able to connect in your preferred app

  • What device and operating system are you using (eg iPhone iOS 10.3.1)?

Make sure your smart device is compatible with your OBD2 scanner as per the scanner's product page. If the OBD2 scanner only works with Android or Windows it will not work with iOS etc.

  • What is the name of the app you are connecting to?

It is important to understand the capabilities of the OBD2 scanner and your preferred app to make sure they are compatible. Most of the OBD2 scanners would work with any major OBD2 app but there are some exceptions. If not sure it is always better to check with the seller or the app provider.

*Majority of the apps will give you OBD2 engine only data. To access readings and diagnosis from other modules eg. transmission, breaks, body etc. such an app needs to be available for your vehicle's make and model.

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