OBDII Smartphone App Comparison

There are many Apps on iOS and Google Play store that can connect to your car's ECU and provide heaps of data on what's going on under the hood. Using a compatible Bluetooth/Wifi OBD2 scanner, these Apps offer many great functionalities and features including real-time fuel, trip and performance gauges, temperature gauges, engine diagnosis, data logging, AFR Wideband and much more.

Most of these Apps require an OBD2 compatible car to work. In general, most of OBDII compatible cars use standard communication protocol allowing generic Apps to translate into real-time data and gauges. So before you decide on the best OBD2 smartphone App for you, I advice you to check the different Apps available on your iOS or Google store on your smartphone and decide on the best features, functions and feel which you like most.

Check my notes below on some of the popular OBD2 apps available:

DashCommand App Features

DashCommand provides a hands-on solution for people who’re looking for a perfect app to monitor their car engine’s overall performance. While it is less expensive than the regular OBD display, it is capable of delivering detailed performance data. It offers a complex visual display system which shows torque, engine speed, braking performance, corrected car speed, and acceleration.

Additionally, the app monitors your car’s fuel efficiency and gives precise nosology for fuel usage. It displays fuel efficiency by distance traveled and gives gauges to monitor fuel levels and flow. The application helps you in monitoring the remaining fuel in your car and provides authentic stats on fuel economy.

One of the best features of this app is the fact that it can monitor the performance of your engine. It offers varieties of visual gauges showing air intake, engine temperature, engine load, absolute pressure, and ambient temp.

Operating system: IOS

  • Check engine light code reader and reset
  • Performance gauges including engine speed, corrected vehicle speed, open/closed loop, boost/vacuum combo, acceleration, braking and torque
  • Fuel economy including instant fuel economy, average fuel economy, distance to empty, time to empty, fuel level %, fuel remaining, fuel flow rate gauge
  • Engine gauges including timing/spark advance, engine coolant temp, intake air temp, ambient air temp, manifold absolute pressure, mass air flow, fuel trims (short and long term), percent engine load, catalyst temp, fuel pressure, air/fuel ratio
  • Trip computer that maintains stats for up to 5 trips and includes distance travelled, fuel consumed, average fuel economy, fuel cost, elapsed time, drive time, average carbon dioxide emission rate, total carbon dioxide emission, start date and time
  • Emission testing allowing you to read and clear diagnostic trouble codes and know your IM readiness status
  • Professional skid pad showing lateral and acceleration/braking Gs with min/max indicators
  • Much more

Torque Pro Features

This application is one of the most popular applications on Google Play Store due to its dependability and general functionality. This app is loved by consumers due to the several features and detectors incorporated in it.

It features enough widgets and plugins to help you effectively monitor the health of your car. With the widget of this app, you can easily customise your car’s dashboard. And the app comes with a GPS feature that logs with the OBD engine of your car to monitor how it is acting at any particular time. Then, it displays a CEL/DTC fault code scanner which is capable of viewing your car and spotting any issues instantly. The main issue encountered by users on this app is its high battery consumption. In order to solve this problem, we suggest charging your phone fully before running the app. With this, you’ll be able to use your device and have time to recharge it if the battery gets low.

Operating system: Android 6

Free Features:

  • Customisable real-time gauges
  • Check engine light code reader and reset
  • Massive fault code database generic and manufacturer specific fault codes
  • Dynometer (Dyno) including horsepower and torque
  • Turbo boost feature for cars that support MAP and MAF sensors

Paid Features:

  • Support for more vehicles and ECU types
  • Cleaner user interface without ads
  • Alarms and warnings (for example if your coolant temperature goes over 120 C)
  • Video track recorder with real-time gauges and mapping overlay
  • Fully customisable dashboard, profiles and themes
  • AIDLS, API for this party apps
  • Horsepower, Torque, 0-60, and quarter mile tests
  • Data logging / graphing
  • Map / Track Views
  • Much more

OBD Car Doctor Features

The OBD Car Doctor is the third OBD2 app on the list. This app is loved by many users due to its actual statistics. As soon as you plug it in, the app will be able to find certain shortages and has custom setups for non-standard parameters and protocols.

I really like this app due to the monitors and real sensors attached to it. They enable users to swiftly find out the fuel consumption, fuel economy and more, only by pressing some buttons, which make this application an excellent option for new car users who are looking for a perfect car monitor.

The OBD Car Doctor is one of the best OBD2 apps because of its responsiveness, utility, and the precision of its diagnostics. Thus, get this application if you want to remain updated on the performance of your car.

Operating system: Android 7 and iOS/iPhone

Free Features:

  • Check engine light code reader and reset
  • Real-time gauges and data including speed, rotation, temperature, and more
  • Fuel Economy Tracker

Paid Features:

  • Real-time parameter recoding
  • Multiple parameters display
  • Parameter recorder (with background mode)
  • View and sending recorded parameters traces
  • GPS support

After reading this, I feel you now know a thing or two about the best OBDII apps for iOS and Android. I’m aware that there are lots of options out there, which is why I made this list to help you choose the best one and save time looking! The applications on this list are reliable and highly functional. If you’re using the Autohil Adapter and you have an OBD2 compatible car then you can’t go wrong going for any of the apps on this list.