OBD Scan Tools For OBD1 & ALDL Cars

Are you looking for a scan tool to diagnose ALDL or OBD1 compatible car? 

Unlike OBD2 compatible cars which use standarised communication protocols; cars with earlier OEM-specific ALDL or OBD1 systems use manufacturers’ specific communication protocols. This means that connectors, pin locations, error codes and bus-communications varied considerably from one manufacturer to another.

Also such systems are limited in quality, quantity and speed of reported data. For example, OBD1 cars can report up to 300 data parameters (PID’s) compared to 15,000 possible data parameters for OBD2 cars. So, the type of data reported by OBD1 is not suitable if you’re after monitoring real-time gauges or diagnosing a complex DTC! To give you an idea, here’s a sample of the data stored and transmitted through the OBD1 interface:

  • Catalyst converter system and alert below 60-percent efficiency
  • Engine missfire monitoring
  • Evaporation emissions system
  • Secondary Air Injection (AIR) system
  • Air Conditioning System
  • Excess Fuel Trimming
  • Oxygen Sensor Performance
  • EGR System

As trackable data, stored codes and their definitions varied between car makers; diagnosing an OBD1 car is not as easy as diagnosing an OBD2 car. In order to diagnose an ALDL or OBD1 car; you would require a scan tool that could adapt to myriad connector type as well as different data sets and protocols.

At AUscanners, we offer you a variety of options to cover most ALDL and OBDI cars in Australia. Whether you are looking for a scan tool to cover one specific make or a tool to cover over 70 makes. We have something for you. If you're still not sure what scan tool is best for your car, please contact us so we can help recommend a suitable one.